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News from The Kasiisi Porridge Project!

Raven Crest Books welcomes back Kate Wrangham-Briggs for her second guest blog in which she brings us up to date with the work of the Kasiisi Project charity.

We’ve raised over £100,000 in 6 years.  Now we’ve got 20 acres of land near the schools and are developing a School Farm. It’s all owned and run by our Ugandan partners, the Kibale Forest Schools and Student Support Project. The farm will generate income to go on providing porridge for the 1300 children in the 2 schools we support.

Self-sufficiency, here we come!  It’ll take time, but the farm has its first livestock!  We launched a Text A Chicken Appeal in October and the £1000 target was reached within 3 months, thanks to the generosity of supporters far and wide.  So, 600 chickens were delivered to the farm on Boxing Day.

The chicken house that is their new home is spacious and airy and the chicks have a lovely carpet of coffee husks to scratch about in. Charcoal heaters keep them warm at night and they often have plenty of company from the Kasiisi schoolchildren and the farm labourers!Workers have to take great care not to infect the chicks so they wash their feet with disinfectant before going in.

Will they be laying by Easter?  Maybe not quite as soon as that: there’s no electric power on the farm so they are lit with paraffin lamps at the moment, until we can afford to put in solar lighting. With solar lighting, they’ll grow more quickly and lay earlier, so we need funds!  And of course the children still need their daily porridge, so the pressure’s on.

Next, they’ll need a piggery, so keep your eye out for our next Text Appeal.  It could involve piglets!   Meanwhile, if you’d like to help us feed these children and make Immaculate’s job easier with solar lighting for the chickens, please visit It’s easy to donate with JustGiving or PayPal, and every penny counts!  Just click on Donate and follow the instructions. Or you can just click on the “donate” button over to the right on this page.

Thank you!

Kate Wrangham-Briggs, Director