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Raven Crest launches ‘Ambrose’

Ambrose is a collaboration between author, Jane Wright and illustrator, Richard Foale

Ambrose cover

Ambrose is a cat.

Ambrose is a cute fluffy cat who is fed up and bored of being cute and fluffy.

Ambrose wants to be something else…

Join him as he struggles to decide what he should be. With a surprising result!


Have you ever wanted to be someone else?  This brightly illustrated, engaging book lets you join Ambrose the cat as he goes on a journey to discover what he should be.

Children will love the engaging pictures and repetitious use of words as Ambrose reaches his decision with some key messages along the way.

There’s so much to look at on each page to make you think, laugh and smile, lots to talk about and a little hidden extra in every picture.

Ambrose is available from Amazon here